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cleaning chemicals


Many of our customers have their own front line staff take of the day to day cleaning and call us to take care of the dirty work. 

Routine and as needed Specialty/Deep Cleaning, using equipment, skills and expierence that the daily maintenance can not keep up with.

After we help assess your needs, we will provide and install you with the equipment, provide chemicals and bottles, train your staff how to use equipment, chemicals safely and correctly.

Each visit we will inspect equipment to ensure functioning correctly, manage inventory and provide any further training and support. 

Benefits of Sancare Chemical Services:

  • Your customers will appreciate your high cleaning standards 
  • Your employees will appreciate the ease and reliability of our products and equipment. 
  • You will appreciate the difference that advanced products, consistent costs, and proactive service make to your bottom line.
  • Stop you employees from wasting and misusing.  Dilution control centres will put control on your chemical cost.
  • A wide range of cleaning systems and chemical manufactures to meet industry requirements and budgets
  •  Suggestions to help manage your costs and be more efficient
  • Our service team & account managers will continuously support and train your staff, keep you informed of any deficiencies and keep you stay on top of new products and industry trends.

how it works

1. No upfront inventory investment.

2. Flexible programs & products to meet industry needs​.

3. Every visit we monitor, refill, inspect function and repair or replace if needed, manage and report inventory levels for restocking and insuring inventory never runs out.