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Ontario Floor Mats & MopS - Safety STARTS AT YOUR FRONT DOor



1. No upfront inventory investment.

2. Flexible programs & products to meet your needs​.

3. Every visit  we will remove the soiled mats and mops and replace them with freshly cleaned. 

4. Contact us today to learn more about our Rental, Lease & Purchase Options

Rental program

Entrance Super Scraper


These 100% rubber multi-purpose mats remove dirt and grime from shoes, and traps it in molded recesses. These mats provide a slip-resistant surface, and are perfect for high-risk and wet areas.

Standard Floor Mats


Standard mats protect carpets and floors from wear and tear, and reduce the dirt, mud, and moisture tracked into the building. 

Super Brush


Super Brush floor mat is designed to be used as a multipurpose, super performer. 

Double the thickness, with hybrid blended fibres of a traditional mat and extra coarse  nylon fibres, create a super performing scraper and water absorber for maximum soil-stopping power.

Custom Logo Mat


Our mats come in a wide variety of colours and can be printed with your custom logo, image or message to make an impact in your entranceway. 

Anti-Fatique Mats


Reduce leg & back stress with this high density nitrile rubber cushion mat.

Chemical, grease and oil resistant. Drainage holes allow liquids to flow through & Anti-microbial treatment prevents odors and degradation.

Custom Floor Mat Solutions


We understand not everyone's needs are the same. Some buildings require custom sizes, shapes and/or are designed with a permanent entrance system. We can provided onsite service cleaning.

Wet Mops


 Sancare will take your dirty mops and replace them with fresh ones. 

Sancare Wet Mops come in two different colours green & blue to easily identify usage areas for anti-contaminant/ biosecurity cleaning procedures. Manufactured with a high concentration of antimicrobial fibre to provide bacterial resistances.

Start saving and cleaning safer today!

Dust Mops


Give your staff the right tools to keep your business looking clean and professional. Using Sancare Dust mops allow your staff to sweep quickly, cleaning dust and dry debris from small to large areas with dust mops sized from 18", 30", 42" inches. 

Like our wet mops, mop sizes come with different colour backing to easily identify usage areas.

Microfibre Mops


Microfiber mops penetrates surface pores to remove tiny dust particles.

​Reduces chemicals, water, and energy to clean, saving time and money. Velcro backing makes changing mop heads quick and easy.